The Achterhoek Food AccelerationAgenda is a compilation of all current projects, activities and ambitions in the field of healthy and more sustainable food. All partners of the Achterhoek Food platform are filling out this agenda together. This way we work on transitions in a tasty way, but now bottom-up and integral. The common goal: to become the most vital and healthy region in Europe. We share the knowledge gained with all partners and offer help with current knowledge from (inter)national innovative food chains. We offer assistance from the Academic Workshop (of partners GGD and Wageningen UR) and support from LEADER Achterhoek. In addition, we have access to subsidies from regional and national schemes. 

On our Dutch website various partners of platform Achterhoek Food tell more about their input for the joint AccelerationAgenda (in Dutch). In the coming period this will be continuously supplemented.