Achterhoek Food

Platform Achterhoek Food supports regional food initiatives with sustainable and healthy food especially grown in its own region. We are striving to make everyone aware of the quality of our food that is produced in the Achterhoek region and where to buy. From farm shop, restaurant to supermarket and specialty store, not only in the Achterhoek but also beyond. Why should we get cheese and wine from France when the local farmers are also producing the same award winning products?

Consuming more fruit and vegetables is encouraged as well as buying fresh produce from local farmers. Platform Achterhoek Food puts the spot light on the hard working farmers, producers and entrepreneurs who produce our healthy and sustainable food whilst making it easily available to everybody. Farmers and consumers work together and by our food choices we decide how the Achterhoek and World could look in the future.

Platform Achterhoek Food was created from LEADER, the EU program for rural development, and supported all successful food projects in the period 2015 – 2022. For the LEADER period 2024 to 2027, the Achterhoek Food platform has acquired more of its own face, but is still always part of LEADER and the point of contact for residents who want to use support from LEADER Achterhoek. Former deputy Jan Markink is chairman of the Achterhoek Food platform, Maurits Steverink is project leader and substantive point of contact for food projects and works closely with Jolanda Kemna of LEADER Achterhoek.