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As in the previous LEADER period, Platform Achterhoek Food is the point of contact for residents who want to start an initiative that also focuses on food. Various projects by entrepreneurs, schools and residents have been supported by the LEADER Achterhoek program. The projects never stand alone but are connected to other initiatives and often connected to education. This way every project contributes to strengthening the Achterhoek Food Network which focuses on access to sustainable and healthy food available for everyone.

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Project Achterhoek Food Company restaurants

We recruit at least 25 company restaurants from our partners, who will work on more sustainable and healthy food. We ask for support from management or board for more expensive, but better food and who is our contact. Then we facilitate all aspects from tendering to implementation on the work floor. How do we keep it achievable and affordable? We form an active network and share all practical experience. And of course, most importantly, we involve as many regional chain parties and farmers as suppliers as possible when they contribute to more sustainable and healthier food. These 25 company-, sports- and school canteens form the launching customer for more sales and stronger food chains and are the first step for the renewed Achterhoek food culture. Do you want to participate with your company sport- or school canteen? Call or email us and lets discuss the options.