Achterhoek Food Manifesto


Platform Achterhoek Food developed a regional food strategy with an joint implementation agenda, from partners in the region which is outlined in the Achterhoek Food Manifesto. The Manifesto signatories indicate that they support the ambitions and will implement it together with and for residents and entrepeneurs. Trough their own projects but also at work and in all kinds of sectors. This way a broad bottom up approach and active community will be established with concrete actions. Organisations who sign the Manifesto will become Achterhoek Food partners. The Manifesto will be presented at the end of 2023.


The eight participating municipalities in the LEADER Achterhoek program are the initial partners. In addition, all Achterhoek organizations can become network organizations with supporters, governments or larger institutions that are active throughout the Achterhoek. We ask them to sign the manifesto, with an administrative and practical point of contact. The partners are given the designation ‘Achterhoek Food partner’ and will be visible on this website and at events. The manifesto will be presented for the first time at the Achterhoek Food Event at the end of 2023 and annually thereafter.

How Do The Partners Work?

Platform Achterhoek Food will enter into discussions with all partnerorganisations whom are active within the eight regional focus points (values) of food which are: health, landscape & nature, environment & ecology, animal welfare, social connectedness, culture & industry, innovative regional business and global food issues. At each meeting, we share knowledge about our projects and how our food choices impacts the environment around us. And we ask these organisations to contribute to a more sustainable way of working plus encourage them to think with us on our annual implementation agenda plus they also have the opportunity to tell us what they also need in order to be successful. After these meetings we look at the points raised and then we make an practical implantation program and an innovation agenda.

How Do We Work?

Coordination, sharing knowledge, initiating collaboration, connecting chain parties, in other words activating and strengthening actions in the Achterhoek Food network. And of course we take care of the communication. And ensure that there is an up-to-date implementation agenda with concrete activities every year.

We organize an annual inspiration session with and for our partners in the spring and the Achterhoek Food Event in the autumn with the implementation agenda for the following year.

International cooperation

We seek cooperation with other international regions with distinctive food iniatives and coordinate knowlegde exchange. In this way we also contribute to the international reputation of the Achterhoek as a food region