Food Strategy

Achterhoek Food Goals

Achterhoek Food Platform sees great opportunities in turning the Achterhoek into an food region whereby it’s citizens, employees and visitors can choose for healthy and sustainable food whilst producers take into account their impact on the climate, biodiversity, landscape and animal welfare. With collaboration we can make the entire food chain more sustainable and obtainable for every budget. The Achterhoek has the ambition to  become the healthiest and vital region in The Netherlands and Europe. We work close with an International Network of leading food regions and with Achterhoek Tourism on an internationally distinctive profile for tourism.

How To Reach Our Goal?

By enabling the Achterhoek to grow into what would be a high profile food region, Platform Achterhoek Food is developing a solid strategic food policy together with its partners and residents. We would bring all sorts of sustainable and healthy initiatives together and support them. Platform Achterhoek Food strengthens the Achterhoek’s network of entrepreneurs, farmers, schools, culinary teachers and students in the food business, tourism, social organisations, food developers and sports clubs, which automatically creates new and innovative partnerships. This results in more awareness that healthy, sustainable and regional food connects us and ensures a beautiful, attractive region in which to live and work.