Stadsboerin has won the EU Agricultural & Rural Inspiration Award Popular Vote !

Stadsboerin is an urban agriculture initiative dedicated to promoting social inclusion. The project, led by Ellen Willems, a journalist and horticulturist, triumphed on December 4th, securing the most votes among 24 finalists.

Initiated in Doetinchem, the Stadsboerin project aims to connect people with nature and the origins of food, fostering social inclusion by bringing diverse groups together. Targeting the elderly, young people, residents, migrants, and refugees, participants engage in kitchen, garden, and social activities, finding peace, space, and understanding.

Key activities include selling produce in the on-farm store, providing vegetable packages for families, city hospitality, catering and meals. In addition, a variety of workshops and classes are organized for city residents and schools, sharing the experience of transforming a barren meadow into an oasis of life from which to grow food.  

Supported by LEADER, the project strives to connect people from different backgrounds with food and nature in their own city. It stands as one of the significant food initiatives showcasing the important social role of Food. Social Connections, one of the eight focus points of Achterhoek Food, are at the heart of this inspiring project.

Learn more about this award-winning project, especially the recommendations, on this website.